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July 24, 2018

Horizon View 7 Implementation

by Selva
  • Background: Project requirement
  • Overall Output
  • Project Phases
    • Phase1 : vCenter implementation
    • Phase2 :  Horizon View implementation
    • Phase3 :  Enhanced View components
      • App Volume installation and configuration
      • RDS Host installation and configuration
      • UEM configuration
      • vRops configuration
      • vRealize Log insight install and configure
      • PowerCLI – View pool activities
  • Background: Why we need this project? / Business Case / Project output
    • BSKTechnology releases worldwide web-based tool (BSKTrade) to know the share value for requested script instantly and much accurate.
    • Issue: Since this is a web-based tool, users can access with their own operating systems (Win7/10/XP…with various service pack and different browsers)
    • Business Case / Requirement: once the helpdesk (L1) team reached for any complaints, the team needs to replicate the user(s) environment to realize the issue for further steps on update or advice on the issue.
    • Decision / Conclusion:  Infrastructure project manager discussed with stakeholders to have VDI desktops for Helpdesk supporters to replicate customer issues with a required combination of OS, Service pack, App version to troubleshoot and update.
    • Agreement: VMware team agreed to conduct POC regarding the same and defined timeline.
    • Project plan: Since the POC conducted successfully, Project manager directs Tech lead to the design and implementation plan using Horizon View
  • Overall Output:

Implement Horizon environment using Workstation 14

  • Project Phases:

Phase1: Project manager guided Tech lead to dividing the project into three phases since the VMware team to understand and proivde the Hypervisor layer, also needs solid coordination with middleware team Management servers configurations baseline requirements considering Phase1.

Phase 2: Install and configure Horizon View components and validating high availability and various test cases as Phase2.

Phase3: Based on further requirements from other stakeholders to use the VDI infrastructure for other call center executives and employees to work from home considers phase3 as enhancement with Application virtualization and DR design.

Overall Plan and implementation activities as follows:

vCenter installation



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