App Volume


App Volumes is the VMware application virtualization / layer product for virtual machines (VMs).

App Volumes refers to its application layers as App Stacks. These are virtual disks that contain everything needed to run the application, such as executable and Registry keys.

App volume Agent: App Volumes agent is responsible for merging the contents of the App Stacks with the file system and Windows Registry. As far as users are concerned, though, the applications contained within an App Stack are actually installed on the system\


  • Please explain Appvolume architectural concepts differ from Thinapp.
  • What are all prerequisites to install App volume
  • What are all similar products as App volume.


  • Active direct groups – App volume Users
  • App volume Admin role users
  • SQL Server Database
  • Windows Operating System – 2016

Copy required ISO files to Windows Server 2016 and start install!


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