Composer Server installation


Horizon View Composer Server is used to create and manage Linked Clone desktop pools which tracks VM State and configuration. It provides the ability to share the same OS disk hence leads to achieve savings in respect to buy expensive storage. We can use vSAN with Horizon View in order to achieve best cost effect View infrastructure with VMware validated solution.

Note: View Composer is an optional feature. Install View Composer if you intend to deploy linked-clone desktop poolss

Composer Server Installation

  • Refresh: This action restores linked clones back to their original size and state.
  • Recompose: This action pushes a new version of an image to all users in the assigned pool. It is useful for deploying complicated software and patches that many users in a pool require.
  • Rebalance: This action allows the systems administrator to manage the location of View Link-Cloned desktops. A rebalance is required to migrate View VMs to other datastores/hosts.


  • Database Connectivity
  • Composer Server Service install
  • Configure View Admin – Add Composer domain

Composer Server Service installation


The composer server installation is pretty straight forward..yes, we have configure ODBC setup prior to this setup..


As usual, We may not have time to read the license agreement…yes please accept.


Next..Change the installation path if you would prefer…Please leave this as default since the log files and other supported files paths will be match VMware KB articles..


Fill the information …


Fill the OBDC information… Please remember that we have to setup ODBC setup prior to this and test the connection.


Yes…no change on the ports until Design / Architect changes based on security team requirements.


Finish button confirms that we have completed the Standalone Composer Server installation successfully.

Gallery: Find detailed steps screenshots

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