Horizon Connection Server


This software service acts as a broker for client connections. Horizon Connection Server authenticates users through Windows Active Directory and directs the request to the appropriate virtual machine, physical PC, or Microsoft RDS host. Connection Server provides the following management capabilities:

  •  Authenticating users
  •  Entitling users to specific desktops and pools
  • Assigning applications
  • Managing remote desktop and application sessions
  • Establishing secure connections between users and remote desktops and applications
  • Enabling single sign-on
  • Setting and applying policies


  • What is connection Server?
  • what is Standard and Replica Server?
  • What is the role of Connection Server?
  • How to configure Connection server high availability?
  • what is the impact if one or multiple connection Server failure happens?
  • Do we need any external database for connection server? If no, where it stores all view pool, AD etc information…
  • In Connection Server High available environment, how data sync and fail-over happens?
  • How you can protect / backup connection Server in single connection server environment?

Horizon Connection Server 7.8 Installation


Copy the required ISO into Connection Server – Right click and Run as Administrator…. next next… yes,,its pretty simple.

Please click on below Gallery to find some more detailed screenshots shared by other techies….

Thanks Arun for sharing Connection Servers screenshots…

Here you go!!

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