Welcome to the Techno Blog to experience virtual journey of different VMware products Design, Implement, Operations and automation of Day2 tasks.

The whole journey split into three phases.

Phase1 : Platform readiness

The phase1 starts from general discussion of Virtualization, Home lab setup,  Requirements defines, Low Level and High Design regard to Desktop and Server virtualization,

Based on the design specification implementation of vSphere environment with required Windows server deployments.

Phase2 : Desktop and Application Virtualization using Phase1 platform

The Phase2 starts with discussion on Desktop virtuaization necessitation, Horizon View design, implement and operations with automation using PowerCLI.

Phase3: Private Cloud – Server Auto provision – vRealize Automation 

The Phase3 includes the SDDC concepts, Automation of server provisioning, various components involved in vRealize automation, vRO workflows…etc

Storage virtualization and Network Virtualiziaton in progress as phase4…In progress.