Horizon View Step by Step implementation

This post aimed to demonstrate Horizon View components installation step by step with adequate screenshots and explanations.

Horizon View components are major classified to three groups..Desktops, Applications and Profile management

Desktop Virtualization and management

  1. Install and Configure ESXi and vCenter Server
  2. Install and configure Windows Servers
  3. Horizon View Connection Servers installation
  4. Horizon view Composer Server standalone installation
  5. Various Horizon Components configure – View admin page configure
  6. Prepare Golden Image / Master Image / Parent VM
  7. Create Horizon View linked Clone pool
  8. Prepare Golden Image for Instant clone pool
  9. Create Horizon View instant clone pool

Application Virtualization

  1. Install App-Volume server
  2. Configure App-volume wizard
  3. Install App volume Agent
  4. Install RDSH Server
  5. Create application pool

Profile Management

  1. Roaming Profile configuration
  2. UEM configuration
  3. Persona Management configuration