Horizon View Implementation

Solution 1

With Horizon 7, IT departments can run remote desktops and applications in the data center and deliver these desktops and applications to employees as a managed service. End users gain a familiar, personalized environment that they can access from any number of devices anywhere throughout the enterprise or from home. Administrators gain centralized control, efficiency, and security by having desktop data in the data center.

Since Horizon View support Desktops and App virtualization, I would like to divide the chapters into three major topics as Desktop, App and profile management.

Solution 2

Desktop Virtualization

Application Virtualization

  • Install App-Volume manager server
  • Configure App-volume wizard
  • Create application stack
    • Configure provisioning server
    • Install Application
  • Assign App Stack to the AD user
  • Update Golden image with App volume Agent and Recompose the view pool
  • verify the app volume using view desktop
  • Install RDSH Server
  • Create application pool

Profile Management

  • Microsoft Active Directory users – roaming Profile configuration
  • Persona Management
  • UEM configuration

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