SQL Server

The SQL Server 2012 – will be widely used for our infrastructure setup. Please find the Gallery for step by step SQL Server installation.

Install SQL Server 2012 – Step by Step


  • Horizon View Composer Database
  • Horizon View Event Database
  • App volume Database
  • vRealize Automation

Horizon View Composer database

The View Composer database stores information about connections and components that are used by View Composer:

Each instance of the View Composer service must have its own View Composer database. Multiple View Composer services cannot share a View Composer database

  • vCenter Server connections
  • Active Directory connections
  • Linked-clone desktops that are deployed by View Composer
  • Replicas that are created by View Composer

Create Database

Object Explorer -> Databases (Right click) – > New database
Enter Data base name and click OK.
Same way create EventDB, CompDB, AppvolDB

Create Service account to map Database

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