Table of Contents

The below mentioned table(TOC) provides the list of components that I am learning and improving myself to publish the step by step install and configure posts.

Product Version Status
VMware Workstation Setup15 ProClick here  
Install ESXi and vCenter 6.7Click here  
Install and configure SQL Server2012Click here  
Horizon View implmentation 7.7Click here  
Horizon View PowerCLI7.xClick here
App Volume 2.xClick here  
RDSH – Application pool   In progress  
Thinapp   In progress    
MS Roaming profile   In progress  
AD Roaming profile   In progress  
View Persona Management   In progress  
UEM – Unified Environment Manger   In progress  
VIDM – VMware Identity Manager   Click here  
vROPs – vRealize Operations for Horizon   Click here    
vSAN – Virtual SAN   In progress  
NSX – Network Virtualization   In progress  
vRA – vRealize Automation 7.xClick here  
vRO – vRealize Orchestrator7.3Click here  
vRA – VRO Work flows   In progress  

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