vCenter Server Installation


What is vCenter Server?

VMware VCenter Server is a data center management server application developed by VMware Inc. to monitor virtualized environm


Why we need vCenter Server?

VCenter Server provides centralized management and operation, resource provisioning and performance evaluation of virtual machines residing on a distributed virtual data center. VMware VCentre Server is designed primarily for VSphere, VMware’s platform for building virtualized cloud infrastructures.

       What will be impact in the event of vCenter failure during production hour?

       How can we product vCenter using VCHA (High availability)?

       How can I update physical embedded vCenter Server 6.0 to 6.5 appliance?


How can we install vCenter Server?


  1. Workstation Setup and configure
  2. ESXi installation ( vCenter VM to be placed)
  3. Host name and IP information
  4. DNS, Gateway information.
  5. ESXi ISO
  6. FQDN of vCenter Server

Installation Steps:


Download ISO files from VMware site and copy to any of the Windows based management server. Just right click and Mount the ISO to map the content as virtual drive. Start Browse the drive and initiate installer.exe as shown in below steps. The installation will be completed in two stages where as Stage1 to copy and create VM and Stage2 is actual configuration and service enabling.


Mount ISO or extract the ISO using WinRAR or appropriate tool






Copy ISO and click on Installer