vSphere 6.7 Step by Step

This is in progress…

This blog(s) helps to setup and test VMware productions vSphere, Horizon View, PowerCLI, vRops and vRealize automation with vRO using Workstation 15 pro.

In this blog we will setup and confgure vSphere 6.7.

vSphere – Learning path

Step by Step vSphere 6.x

  1. Install and Configure ESXi Server
  2. Install and configure vCenter
  3. Create Datacenter, Cluster and add hosts
  4. Create Virtual Machines
  5. Virtual Machine Management (Snapshot, Template and clone)
  6. Configure and manage Virtual Networks
  7. Configure and manage Storage (datastore)
  8. vSphere HA, DRS configure
  9. vSphere update Manager
  10. Resource Mornitoring, Roles and troubleshooting
  11. PowerCLI – introduction and obtain inventory details

In progress….

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